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I feel like Gerard calmed down a lot in the later years of mcr.

Agreed. From 2010 onward, he seemed pretty chill. He was still bouncy onstage, but irl he was calmer.

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Idk man I think the stage gay thing was a combination between making a statement/making homophobes mad, a little bit of Frerard, and the heat of the moment. Regarding Frerard, I think it was KIND OF a thing once, but not anymore. Like after they got married I think it was mostly over.

I agree with all of this. I don’t think stage gay can be pinned down to just one reason, though making the anti-homophobia statement was probably the main one.

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(Helium War headcanons anon) Did you get parts 6 and 7? Idk if they went through but I can send them again if you want.

Never got them, sorry!

Anonymous asked

(Part 1) Wanna talk headcanons? B/c I got some origin headcanons: There was a lot of protesting during the Helium War. It was the first war in years where the draft was reinstated and it was really controversial but nothing could be done. Kobra was drafted so Poison volunteered to help protect him (brothers <3 ). They were really mentored by Dr. D who was a war doctor, and they knew him before the accident that left him paralyzed (an accident involving saving Show Pony). (sorry it's long..)

(Part 2) After the accident, they put Dr. D on radio duty, getting news, sending encrypted messages, hacking into airwaves and computers. BLI regretted it later. Ghoul was also drafted later. He had protested a lot about the war and the new corporation taking over so it was pretty ironic. Jet actually signed up as a nurse/doctor because he wanted to help the people who were drafted and got hurt for a cause they didn’t believe in. The two of them met when Ghoul was injured… (Sorry! It’s long..)

(Part 3) So Jet and Ghoul met when Ghoul was injured and complained loudly about not even signing up, etc. Basically Jet agreed with everything he said about BLI and the war. They became fast friends. Because Ghoul was unfit to keep fighting, he helped Jet out with the medical stuff. They met Poison and Kobra when they came in to help move Dr. D’s things as they were moving their equipment in (Jet was going to be the new doc for their unit). They talked and eventually became good friends. (…)

(Part 4) They also met the Girl’s mum when she couldn’t fight anymore since she was pregnant and became a nurse. She had info about BLI and their corruption. Then Jet was sent these pills from BLI. They we’re sent with instructions to give them to the soldiers before a battle, etc. but Jet, being all medical and such, knew that the chemicals in the pills were addictive and knew what they would do: shut off the emotional part of the soldiers’ brains. (I’m very sorry but it’s long!!)

(Part 5) So that’s when they knew BLI was bad news. They told the soldiers in their unit about the pills and they all decided that they wouldn’t take them and they’d no longer fight for BLI, who were beginning to recruit ‘crows and Dracs and such to “keep the peace” during protests/riots and were trained as an elite military team to “protect the city” (at least protect the people in power). And that’s how a whole group were turned into anarchists called Killjoys, led by the Fab 4. (To be cont..)

Aww, I love the part about Poison volunteering to protect Kobra. The amount of detail you put into this and the way you incorporated all the characters is great. I can tell you’ve put a ton of thought into this. It would make a great fic.


Hesitant Alien is now streaming in full on Gerard’s official soundcloud page

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I always thought the Danger Days universe (well, the zones, anyways) is quite like the game Fallout, Especially New Vegas. Whenever I imagine the zones, I can't help but think of that game

Never played it, but judging by the title, that sounds about right, haha. Wonder what Las Vegas is like in the Killjoy world…

I also viewed the whole stage gay thing to be about expectations regarding masculinity and how it all would have been different if the same acts had been performed by two (attractive) women. I know it was officially deemed as being about queerness, but I still got this vibe from it all.

Yeah, that’s an interesting idea. The homophobes they were trying to piss off would have been like “Wooo! All right!” if they were hot women, but when it’s two guys, it’s “Ew! Stop it! Queers!” Plus, people in general seem to be less affected by two women kissing than two men.

I need some help.. I was listening to brother and I cant really tell where mikey is in the song... its the same way with I lied.. like I have ideas to where he is in both songs but I'm not entirely sure

I’ve only listened to “Brother” once, so unfortunately I can’t help you there (also, I’m not 100% sure he’s in that one, but he probably is.) “I Lied” is tricky. I definitely think you can hear him at the very beginning, because it sounds just like Gerard’s singing back-up. I think you can hear him when they sing “when I was young,” too. He’s hard to make out, though. Wish we could hear him singing solo.

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i dont have anything that big to say about the whole "stage gay" thing but like i do think that frank and gerard did have small crushes on each other (im not saying that they were gay, but like we all get crushes on our friends sometimes its normal) and then when it was pointed out he just became really uncomfortable (kinda like when you have crush on somebody but dont realize it until they point it out and then it feels weird) and also gerard way said how he never acts on stage so

Oh yeah, I forgot Gerard said he never acts on stage. Good point. Yeah, I could see that. Similar things have happened to me, tbh.

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but frank and gerard really didn't "drop the act" as soon as they got off stage. there are so many interviews where they're sitting on top of each other, or flirting... so many hugs and looks and cheek kisses that happened off-stage. I think it was an honest thing they felt like doing, and the stage gay excuse was an afterthought when people started actually questioning g's sexuality.

Hmm, yeah. That’s a different perspective on it. Good points. Personally, I still think the anti-homophobia statement came first, but I see where you’re coming from.