And the sky opened up
I’ll be the one who drives you home tonight

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Battery City History Museum (Section 4B, Zone Artifact archives)
Various Zone travel items
c. 2018-2020
From an anonymous donor
Various sizes
Artifact #004576

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Desaparecidos - MariKKKopa
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Battery City History Museum (Section 1C, Zone audio archives)
A track played by Dr. Death Defying, usually to incite riots
c. 2012
From an anonymous donor
2 min. 47 sec.
Artifact #005538

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Gerard Way is a touring singer/songwriter (My Chemical Romance). He is the author behind the popular graphic novels The Umbrella Academy and The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. His solo album is due to release in Fall 2014.

Well, that’s news to me. Is this his new official blog, or another fake like the Ray Toro Instagram? Anyone know?



So far I’ve only gotten one question for my latest BC History Museum project (another Q&A article with Party Poison, but with questions submitted by followers instead of written by me), and I really can’t do it without your help. If you can think of a question or two for Party Poison, please send me an ask. Thanks so much.

Hey guys, I want to do another Party Poison Q&A article for the BC History Museum like this one, but instead of making up my own questions this time, I thought it’d be fun to get questions from you. :D If you want to ask Poison a question (or a few), send them to me in an ask! I can’t promise I’ll use it, but I’ll use as many as possible, and you will be credited if I do. Thanks!


mikey way doesn’t have to justify any of his personal relationships to a pissy teenage fanbase and you can all just shut the fuck up 

Mazzy Star - Into Dust
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Battery City History Museum (Section 1C, Zone audio archives)
A track played by infamous Zone DJ "Dr. Death Defying" after
the "Fabulous Four" were believed dead
c. 1993
From an anonymous donor
5 min. 36 sec.
Artifact #005535

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